Pent Up

A friend of mine wanted a pair of shoes for his girlfriend with whom I used to work. She’s a dental hygienist who loves roses,
bicycles, and pin-up girls. I wanted a sort of unifying element and chose a white art nouveau stream of swirls running
throughout both shoes. Later someone would comment it looked a bit like dental floss and I couldn’t have been happier frankly.
The first pin-up girl wears a dental mask and rests on a bed of roses that fade into a stargazer lily. On the other side two
sparrows hold a banner and heart to honor her deceased father.

The other shoe features a very flexible pin-up girl behind which is an image inspired by the Japanese flag. Followed around to
the other side, a black swallow passing over a set of dental tools. I was able to complete these shoes more easily having done
roses in the past; it became almost automatic writing of sorts.