La Vie En Rob

I incorporated a loving portrait of 80’s teen icon Molly Ringwald with swirling stars inspired by the Harlem Globetrotters. On the
tongue, a man sews on an antique sewing machine a tattooed fabric. Wrapping around, a portrait of the artist and friend. For
the other shoe I wanted a stark but enchanting image of horses running free across the plains while still showing Amy Sedaris’
character Jerri Blank from the tv series Strangers with Candy. I found this beautiful image of a taxidermied yellow bird and
brought it back to life via these shoes, mixing its complimentary color to make both the yellow and purple stand out then fade
into the tattoo fabric. Beside the bird is Grace Jones in her famous charcoal suit and accordion while behind her marches an
army of other Grace Joneses. For the tongue, Mr. T stands proudly in front of a background of zebra print. There’s something
very iconic about these shoes. They depict well known and fairly easily identifiable people mixed with real people that I know.