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About The Artist

Rob St.Clair attended the University of Tennessee Knoxville where he initially studied art education but changed majors, ultimately graduating with a BFA in media arts and photography. He began doing sneakers for himself and his friends then, realizing there was a market for it, began taking custom orders in 2008. He creates his designs with only Sharpies as his medium and has a large palette of them ranging from very broad tipped to some only the size of a needle for very fine detailed work.

He lists his inspirations as coming from a myriad of sources from music such as Neutral Milk Hotel and Rasputina to Sailor Jerry tattoos, to the fabric prints of LeSportsac. Any and all things he sees on a daily basis may be stored in his head for later use and he may be found constantly observing.

Rob St.Clair may be reached by e-mail at rob_stclair@yahoo.com or by phone at 865-982-7952.
  Rob St.Clair
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